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Diversions of Faith
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Whether we are fighting for our beliefs, coming to terms with them, hiding them, spreading them or don’t have any of them, Religion affects us all.

This community can be used academically to study the various forms of belief, discuss the role of religion in culture, or the expressions of theology throughout history.

But we can also take that wide breadth to a personal level and include discussion of our own beliefs and way of life surrounding those beliefs.

While debate and discussion is encouraged, I ask that we try to remain civil. Respectful disagreement is acceptable; messages of hate will not be.

Also, though discussion of any religion is acceptable, this is not a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Islamic community. People of these faiths are welcome, but these faiths have so much representation. They are widely accepted and fought for vigorously. And quite frankly the emotions behind those of the mentioned faiths are generally so strong that discussion of belief of other forms of theology may be uncomfortable.

Of course if you are one of those souls that can sit and talk to another who has a strong belief in the pagan gods while you yourself are a devout in your Judeo-Christian beliefs then of course you are welcome.

Anyone, regardless of their beliefs, who can tolerate, accept and civilly discuss other’s points of views while remaining true to him or her self is welcome here.

On that note, this is not a place to convert anyone. Please refrain from forcing your beliefs on others.

I understand that lines will be crossed, hairs will be raised and people will occasionally take offense, but I hope this is kept to a minimum. The spirit of this community is tolerance and even better, acceptance.

Some Basic Posting Rules:

1. Any post that disables comments will be deleted. If you can’t take the heat for your comment, then don’t make it.
2. Place long posts under an LJ cut.
3. Place any sexually explicit images under an LJ cut and please warn readers that the items are not work safe, NWS.
4. Keep cross-post to a minimum. If you are constantly cross-posting, your post may be denied.
5. Community promotion is only acceptable if you are a participating member. If all you do is promote other sites, events and communities, your post will be denied.
6. All entries are under copyright. Before using any portion of this community, ask
the poster for permission and give credit.

Whew…now that’s over, I hope you enjoy the community.

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